For a Carmichael student, Prep is the beginning of their formal learning adventure. Your child will bring to the classroom a natural wonder and curiosity about the world and their place within it.

The Early Years will provide a critical foundation for lifelong learning and the acquisition of life skills. Early learning at Carmichael College takes place in a nurturing, supportive and stimulating environment that strives to meet the needs of all learners. Teachers regularly pray for the students in their classes. During these formative years our teachers assess, monitor and respond to each child’s learning.

Our partnership with parents is fundamental to the development of our students.

Excellent Education

We believe excellent education occurs when the environment the students are learning in is supportive but challenging, relational and respectful, visible and explicit and where students can exceed their own expectations.

Our pedagogical approach, based on a “Reading to Learn” approach, ensures that learning is made explicit for all students, and learning intentions are clear. There are opportunities for practice and re-learning and feedback is welcomed. A classroom that is successful is a classroom where mistakes can be made as a process of learning and where students can feel safe to do so.

Teacher reading to students at Carmichael College
Teacher helping student read in classroom

Intentional Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care encompasses emotional support, behaviour management and structured curriculum time for social and spiritual development and service.

Pastoral Care is central to the ethos of Carmichael College. Based on the Gospel of God’s unconditional love in Christ, it permeates all aspects of school life and builds genuine community. Programs Pastoral Programs at Carmichael College include, but are not limited to College Devotional Program (Prep – 6), Behaviour Management Plan, Restorative Justice Process, Bullying Management, Critical Incident Management, and our “My Life Rulz” Program.

Curriculum Offerings

Carmichael College is committed to implementing the Australian Curriculum as our core content.


An introduction to essential mathematical skills and knowledge across three key areas.


Learning to analyse, communicate, understand and build relationships with others.


Students can develop an understanding of important scientific principles and processes.


Introducing students to understand the recent past, present and the near future.

The Arts

Encouraging children to reach their creative and expressive potential in five Arts areas.


Introducing students to traditional and contemporary technologies that shape our world.


An introduction to movement skills, concepts and strategies for physical activities


Students develop foundation skills to communicate in and understand Chinese.

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