Carmichael College seeks to honour and enhance our unique community values and relationships. We engage and partner with students, staff, parents, alumni and the wider community. We share insights, practices and research, are aware, informed and connected global citizens who value diversity, and nurture the heart and wellbeing of the community. Here are a few of our community initiatives:

Parent Mornings

Our regular ‘Coffee and Chat’ sessions keep parents of our students well-informed.

Creekside Cafe

The on-campus cafe allows a central meeting place for our community and the public.

Pastoral Care

Ensuring our students are cared for and supported in their journey at Carmichael.

Community Seminars

Free community seminars on a range of
topics from finance to parenting, by
expert speakers.

Family Fun Day

An affordable family day out with rides, showbags, food, and something for everyone.

Community Chaplain

Our Community Chaplain, Earle Tonges, supports the Carmichael community across our campus.

Creekside Community Church

Creekside Community Church is on-campus and supports the community in their Christian journey.

Creekside Logo

Interseed Mission Work

The Interseed Foundation helps communities and organisations in need, and students can participate.

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