Our campus reflects the qualities and values of our College. We aim to provide a positive classroom environment in which all students feel respected, valued, supported and safe.

This is supported by the design and layout of our campus, where the use of colour, access and spaces ensure students feel invited to be an integral part of our College.

Sports Grounds

Separate sports grounds for primary and secondary students, secluded from the public.

Creekside Cafe

The on-campus cafe allows a central meeting place for our community and the public.


A well-resourced library with online access and a wide range of books for students.

Multipurpose Court

Coming soon, a multipurpose court for students to use irrespective of weather.


Our chapel is used for communal meetings, worship, and more, by the College.


Daycare and Kindy allow for a smooth transition to Prep, with future development underway.


Separate Kindergarten spaces with seven play spaces and qualified teaching staff.


Large parking spaces with separate drop-off and pick-up zones for child safety.

Creekside Community Church

Creekside Community Church is on-campus and supports the community in their Christian journey.

Creekside Logo

Future Development

Carmichael College is a dynamic school in its infancy in growth. Rather than accepting adhoc development which may result in fragmentation, the school set a strategic direction that will create logical construction of new buildings as the population increases. Below, you can see our current Masterplan for the College.

Future development plan for Carmichael College

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