Welcome to Carmichael Kids

At Carmichael Kids we believe your child is a unique and special gift from God. We believe in teaching the values of love, kindness, patience, dependability and trust – which are modeled by loving parents, educators and members of the community.

We’re proud that Carmichael Kids is rated as ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard (NQS) as set by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Our Philosophy

It’s our aim to provide an environment that helps children to be comfortable in their surroundings, feel confident in their abilities and to make meaning from the world around them.

Our Fees

We have affordable daycare, outside school care and childcare fees, and subsidies are available.

Applying to Carmichael Kids

Please fill in our application form to apply for Carmichael Kids.

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Why Choose Carmichael Kids

Give your kids the best start with Carmichael Kids. Here’s a few of the many reasons to join us:

Caring, Trained Staff

All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis training procedures and follow the Christian ethos of love and compasssion.

Leading Facilities

Modern, bright facilities with open and safe spaces. Dedicated child care spaces, and seven age-appropriate play spaces.

College Integration

An easy transition for kids to Prep, with exposure to school-age children and routines.

High-Quality Learning

Our Kindergarten Program helps build language, literacy and numeracy skills, learn to be creative, and build independence, so they can enter Prep with confidence.

Subsidies Available

Child Care Subsidy from the Australian Government available for all families, and affordable fees for daycare, outside school care and kindy.

Healthy Meal Options

Seasonally diverse and healthy menus that are regularly updated and safe for kids. Options for kids with allergies.

Life at Carmichael Kids

We put our students at the heart of what we do. Here’s a snapshot of life at Carmichael Kids:

Testimonial from Carmichael College parent

“We are so incredibly happy with Carmichael Kids!
We started our little 19 month oldboy at the start
of the year. It was such an anxious time for us but
we have been made to feel so incredibly comfortable
with knowing our little one is so well looked after.
I never thought I would feel so relaxed leaving my
baby in the care of others. He has settled so much
quicker then we thought and he is really enjoying it.
I love the way that the educators treat the kids and
how well they look after them which is so inline with
how we parent at home. I couldn’t be happier and
recommend Carmichael to everyone I know!”

Jess Mann
Testimonial from Carmichael College parent

My daughter has been going to Carmichael kids
for almost two months now- she calls one of her
educators “Nanny” haha. I love that she loves it
at CK, and I especially LOVE the daily updates
with photos and a description of what the kids
are up to for the day. It makes me feel included,
and is a great way to see just how much fun my
daughter is having throughout her day.
Thank you to the educators for all the love
and care you provide to my little girl!

Melissa Aitken
Testimonial from Carmichael College parent

Carmichael Kids is a fantastic early learning centre.
I have two little ones there and they both love it.

It has wonderful new facilities, caring educators,
very helpful administration staff and both my girls love it here.
Having tried two other daycare centres previously,
I can safely say that the program and variety of
activities undertaken each day, shows a definite
commitment to learning and fun.
It is by far the best option for my children
in the local area, bar-none!

Amanda Kilroy
Testimonial from Carmichael College parent

My 2yr old Daughter recently made a switch
after attending previous childcare since
6 months old. At first I questioned myself
making the switch but within a few short
weeks I could see it was benefiting us all.
One week after the change she was fully
toilet trained and her vocabulary and
social skills improved. She now looks
forward to going and even mentions
her teachers and peers names at home.

Tash Gibbs