Carmichael Kids Child Care and Early Learning Centre aims to use appropriate strategies to guide children to recognise, manage and learn from their behaviours and express their emotions in positive, non-threatening and productive ways.

Acceptable forms of behaviour will be encouraged by using strategies that build childrens confidence and self esteem.

Carers will promote realistic play and behaviour limits that guide childrens safety and security rather than curb their play experiences, curiosity or creativity.

When a child is experiencing difficulty developing appropriate behaviours, parents/guardians will be consulted and asked to collaborate with staff to develop and implement an individual management plan.

The Centre is committed to ongoing professional development for staff in the area of behaviour guidance.

Ongoing support for families in the area of behaviour guidance will include the use of external agencies if required.

Carmichael Kids Early Learning Centre will ensure that the working environment supports the emotional and mental well being of staff, as well as the childs need for positive behaviour guidance strategies.