At Carmichael Kids we believe your child is a unique and special gift from God. We believe in teaching the values of love, kindness, patience, dependability and trust – which is modeled by loving parents, educators and members of the community. We believe in providing opportunities to scaffold children’s learning in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Families as Primary Care Givers

As Early Childhood Educators we recognize that our role is to respond to children’s learning by firstly supporting the family as the primary care giver; working in partnerships to provide continuity between the home and early childhood environment.

We encourage families and children to find opportunities to share and contribute to the child’s learning environment.

All Children Deserve Equal Opportunities

A child’s development and understanding is connected to the environment in which they play. We believe all children deserve equal opportunities and must have an active role in their learning and development. We aim to support and build on children’s existing knowledge and abilities to increase learning.

Carmichael Kids Educators are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who use our service and will treat all children with respect.

Educators are Co-Learners

Educators are qualified and dedicated to the mission and ethos of the service. Educators are co learners to the children, families and community and value equity and continuity. All Educators respect each other and are engaged in ongoing professional development, regularly reflecting, analyzing and developing their pedagogy. Educators are consistent and the care and knowledge they hold for sustaining children’s learning is evident in practice.

Engaging with Community

We believe that our education and care service is here to support the community in which we dwell. By engaging with community agencies we can develop positive relationships and share information to assist in the learning and development of children, families and educators.

Play-Based Learning

Carmichael Kids models play-based learning. This consists of child-directed play and learning alongside guided play and learning. Building on children’s interests and curiosity in this way leads to successful outcomes in the early years of development and supports children to make sense of the world around them.

Learning is an active process and a life long journey that must involve children’s engagement as well as the respectful, careful and thoughtful guidance given by Educators to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for each individual child.

Children are encouraged to care for their environment and learn about sustainable practices.