The purpose of the Carmichael College Behaviour Management Plan is to facilitate an environment which equips students for life in the world and eternity, by applying Biblical principles through excellent education in a distinctly Christian environment.

The Christian orientation of the College means that the responsibility of the students is to respect authority, be responsible and care for others.

Students are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the broader life of the College. Students are expected to represent the College and its high standards of behaviour and dress at all times, including travel to and from school and when in public. Students must understand that their behaviour at all times impacts the reputation of the College and the Carmichael community.

Behaviours that adversely affect the wellbeing of the community will be investigated and dealt with according to the behaviour management plan. Standards of honesty, courtesy, modesty, and moral purity in word, action and language are to be maintained. Students must remain in the grounds unless prior permission has been obtained from an approved College Officer.

Primary students must be signed out by a parent or guardian when leaving before 3.00pm. Students are expected to wear their uniforms consistent with the uniform policy. Only clear nail polish and lip balm are permitted.

Boys’ hair: Faddish hairstyles including afro-style or untidy/unkept appearance are not acceptable. Ponytails are unacceptable. Generally hair should be evenly layered and neatly groomed. No cut below a number 3 blade is acceptable. Hair length should be no longer than the collar, above the eyes if combed forward and cut above the ears. Hair should be of the student’s ow natural colour.

Girls’ hair: Faddish hairstyles and colours are unacceptable. Hair is to be well groomed and cut in a moderate style. Shoulder length and longer hair should be tied back using white, navy or maroon hair ties. Hair needs to be tied back neatly off the face and eyes. Hair should be of the student’s own natural hair colour. Girls with pierced ears may wear only one plain sleeper or stud in each ear lobe and one dress ring only. Other visible body piercing or tattoos are unacceptable.

The appropriateness of uniforms and appearance is determined by the Principal and Staff.

Each student is expected to respect the property rights of the school and every member of the school. All breakages and damage must be reported to the Principal or Staff immediately by the person responsible. All breakages and damage caused by irresponsible or malicious actions of a student must be paid for by the student, parents or guardian of the student. Payment for breakages and damage will be in addition to any disciplinary measures or other appropriate action deemed necessary by the College.

Clear contact lenses only are to be worn at school or at school events. It is a criminal offence to use mobile phones to menace, harass or offend another person. This includes parents and students.

Students who use their phones to engage in personal attacks, harass another person, or post private information about another person using SMS messages, taking or sending photos or objectionable images or bullying other students, or who use vulgar, derogatory or obscene language while using a mobile phone will have their phones confiscated for a period decided by the Principal.

Students should note that, in extreme cases, the school will involve the police.