Facilities and an environment that encourage students to excel.

A positive classroom environment where students feel respected, valued, supported and safe.

Campus layout and design features that invite students to be an integral part of the College.

Tour the College with Margot Pinel


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“School Tour”


Our open afternoons are the best way to ascertain whether Carmichael College is the best fit for your child.

Our staff will show you the facilities, classrooms, library and other areas, and answer any questions you might have about the College. These events are held once a semester and registrations are essential.


Carmichael is rapidly expanding with many thoughtful and innovative spaces to meet the academic and spiritual needs of our students.

Our Masterplan outlines a strategic and logical construction of new buildings and facilities as the population increases, ensuring we continue to implement an environment where students can excel.


Read through our frequently asked questions for any common queries you have, or ask your own questions.


We encourage families who are supportive of the College ethos to apply to join the College.