We believe that every person is made in the image of God and therefore has incredible value.

While pastoral care is the business of every staff member at Carmichael College, there are times our students need that bit of extra care. That’s where the Wellbeing Team love to step in.

Pastoral Care is central to the ethos of Carmichael College.

It permeates all aspects of school life and builds genuine community.


The focus of our team is all things pastoral care and discipleship.

Whether it be through a once off conversation in the playground, regular pastoral care, providing practical support to families facing hardship or through one of our programs, our heart is that all students would experience love and belonging.


Our Chaplains

Kacie Ball – Wellbeing Coordinator + Chaplain

Aaron Bullock – Chaplain

Monique Robertson – Chaplain

Isaac Munns – Wellbeing Aide

If you would like to reach out to one of our chaplains feel free to email chaplaincy@carmichael.qld.edu.au

Left to Right: Aaron Bullock, Monique Robertson, Kacie Ball and Isaac Munns.

We run lunch time bible studies, visit classes to share in morning devotions and Christian studies classes and speak at chapels. Each year we run a number of social and emotional programs tailored to the needs of our students that may be focused on topics such as resilience, grief and loss, encouragement or friendship skills.  We are a busy team with a big heart to see our students thrive.

  • Buddy Programs

    Buddy programs between higher and lower grades occur regularly and build a sense of community and care amongst the students.

  • Chapel

    We love having families come to Chapel on Fridays. Join us at the following times each week, Prep-Yr.2 8:30 to 9:15, Yr.3-5 9:25 to 10:10 and Yr.6-11 from 10:40 to 11:30.
  • The Shack Clubs

    The Shack Clubs are open for all Year 1-5 students during lunchtime. They offer Lego, Board Games, Colouring, Puzzles and Chill-out Clubs weekly.

Our strong sense of community unites us, and helps us all to feel part of something important.


We encourage families who are supportive of the College ethos to apply to join the College.